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Summerhill of Maplewood Homes

Summerhill of Maplewood offers 9 varieties of spacious floor plans from 747 sq. ft. to 1500 sq. ft. designed to accommodate any senior lifestyle. These plans are not drawn to scale, but are for your use to visualize the floor plan designs offered. Contact our office for availability and please join our waitlist!

Erie I
747 sq.ft.
1 Bedroom - 1 Bath

Erie II
1124 sq.ft.
1 Bedroom - Study - 1 Bath

Huron I
1171 sq.ft.
1 Bedroom - Den - 1 Bath

Huron II
1287 sq.ft.
1 Bedroom - Den - 1 Bath

Michigan I
1332 sq.ft.
1 Bedroom - Den - 2 Bath

Michigan II
1287 sq.ft.
2 Bedroom - 2 Bath

Michigan III
1332 sq.ft.
1 Bedroom - Den - 2 Bath

1332 sq.ft.
2 Bedroom - Den - 2 Bath

1500 sq.ft.
2 Bedroom - Den - 2 Bath

Joining our Waitlist is easy please fill out the 

Waiting List Application form below for future availabilities.

Waiting List Application

You can also call us at 651-735-4111 for further information on the current availability.

Joining our Waitlist!

What is a "Waitlist"?

If the floorplans now available doesn't meet your needs, you might want to consider getting on our waitlist for a particular floorplan, level, or direction you would like your home to be located within our building. For only $200, you can get your name on our waitlist for any unit of your choice and that fee goes towards the purchase of your new home if a sale actually occurs. This fee is completely refundable if you decide a move isn't in store at that time, life changes for you, or you just have changed your mind.

The advantages of being on a waitlist...

We would contact you when a unit of your choice would become available. At that time you are given the opportunity to buy that share/unit before it is offered to others (with the exception to current members). If you decide you are not ready to move into a unit when one is available when your name comes up on the list, you could decline and your name will be placed back on the list for the next time a unit becomes available that fits your specifications. Cooperatives highly recommend a waitlist as it keeps the costs to a minimum for both the selling and prospective members by not having to involve a realtor to sell the share/unit. In most circumstances, a waitlist turnaround can be reasonably quick and simple to make nearly any floorplan your next new home!

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